A boutique consultancy, providing "content focused" communications & Marketing services

We help you articulate your message depending on the purpose of the campaign and the target market

We boost the effectiveness of your promotion through OUR 7C approach:

Content — Creative — Connect — Collaterals –Coaching — Campaign — Conversations.

Our Goals

Our Vision

Enabling customers sharpen their message and make it adaptable across communication mediums, providing value addition for enhancing the results.

Our Mission

With adaptability and collaboration as the core, and explore the full potential of the communications and marketing techniques for

Our Philosophy

With a customer first attitude, foster engagement that inspires audiences to act. Our credos is being adaptable, collaborative, adopt an entrepreneurial spirit while showing Concern for Customer.

Our Approach

Content Focused Communications & Marketing

We follow a Content Plus Approach

Engage with us to explore the effectiveness of Content Plus approach in your 'Communications & Marketing’ program to boost your Brand’s performance through a better Positioning, Packaging, Promotions and Persuasion methods.


Take very specific and strategic steps, not only within your marketing, but within your culture, taking advantage of this opportunity to blend content and the marketing of that through Online and Offline mediums. From a tagline and can go on to business plan, annual reports, speeches, even websites, presentations and so on.
Copy Writing
PR Writing (Press Kits)
Speeches and Presentations
Event Scripts
Articles/Case Studies/Whitepapers
Brochures and Newsletters


Translating words, images, and sounds together in an attractive, cohesive, persuasive fashion, and a strategic mindset gives you the edge. Combine the skills of an artist with the brains of a strategist. Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Management are areas to explore.
Creative Concept
Graphic Designs
Layouts for Collaterals
Stall Fabrication
Event Backdrops


The best collateral like a nicely produced business card, brochure, leaflet, report, whitepaper, backdrop, exhibits, stalls, etc., Adapt these digitally to communicate the right information at the right time with a customer having information of the company’s history, case studies, and advantages for selecting your product over a competitor.
Identity Material
Business stationery
Marketing Support Material (Producing Brochures, Backdrops, etc.)
Merchandise like Gift articles/souvenirs/mementos



The communication landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, and nowhere is this more visible than online. It is imperative to not only be present, but interact with communities built of people who develop and nurture relationships by creating, co-creating, sharing, commenting, and engaging in content, and being your brand advocates.
Social Media
Cyber communities
E-Direct Mailers


We offer a range of skill & experiential based training applicable in a range of situations. We organize human resource development programmes, recreational outings and need specific conferences or theme based shows. We have trained some top companies in areas of Management, Communications & Marketing, and Creativity.
Knowledge Transfer
Collaborative Learning


Integrating the ways a company talks to people who buy or don’t buy based on what they see, hear, feel, etc. We help leverage the Power of Community, Dialogue, and Partnership and boost marketing for revenue generation. Being accountable for results, and not just readership scores or counting web hits, thus delivering a return on investment, not just spending a budget.
Integrated Marketing
Promotions and Activations
Digital Marketing
Below the Line Promotions

Our Team

Founder Director & CEO

A Communications & Marketing Consultant, with about three decades of rich experience across various management disciplines, he is instrumental in shaping the strategies and providing directions for various campaigns. 

He is actively engaged in various projects with some of the leading Management Consultancies. 

As a Corporate Trainer, he has trained organizations on varied Management, Marketing, and Communication topics.  


Legal and Secretarial professional with over 30 years of experience, he has advised a broad spectrum of companies, from closely held start-ups to public listed companies with a wide shareholder base, on several issues arising in corporate, securities and allied laws. 

Corporate Affairs, Company Secretarial Functions, Legal Matters/ Property Acquisition, Legal Documentation / Deeds, Finance & Banking and Statutory Compliance are areas he has dealt with.


With nearly three decades of being involved in the corporate world, she has evolved with immense leadership qualities to lead and direct teams. 

Her superior organizational skills and strategic planning has assisted organizations in generating positive revenue growth, harmonizing operations, improving employee performance, and enhancing business models. 

She heads operations at Yankonize Polychem, a Specialty Chemicals company.


“Sudarshan Srinivasan with his team brought in great insights and leveraged the right resources in delivering great results for our company - Minesweeper Media, for our thought leadership initiatives targeting CXO audience. I am appreciative of the passion that the team brings in in executing their duties. As a practitioner, Sudarshan is also a great guide of marketing communication. and is a great human being with repository of wisdom. He brings in high integrity and intellect with finesse to his craft like a Ferrari engineer. ”​
Sudaarshan R
Value Investor and Media Maven

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