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Public Relations and Corporate Communications

If you only knew us better, you’d agree with us.” If that statement echo’s with you, then consider effective techniques that help you to listen well, and communicate forthrightly both within the organization and with external stakeholders. Communicate the values and vision of the organization to elicit mutually favorable behavior from both the organization and the stakeholders.

Communications & Marketing

With the onslaught of Internet, digital emerged as a whole new field and got integrated into the field of communication to serve marketing. It is imperative to sharpen your Messaging across Communication platforms to make your Marketing more effective. The challenge is in combining conventional methods with digital to reap the benefits. Call it Search, or Customers Voice First! Being Agile and Responsive with your Communications for better Marketing is the key!

Content Creation and Marketing Services

Content marketing focuses on building a strong relationship with your target audience by giving them high-quality content that is very relevant to them on a consistent basis. We craft the right message for your products, services, or businesses, choose the best media and methods to deliver it, and help `YOU CHOOSE’ the best prospects to deliver it to.


Brand Identity Management

Gain an insight into all the components of brand management including a wide range of business models and techniques that help to build strong and effective brands in the marketplace. Effective brand strategy provides a central unifying idea around which all behavior, actions, and communications are aligned. Effective brand management helps build loyal customers through positive brand associations and images or a strong awareness of the brand.

Learning & Development

Consolidate your domain-specific and managerial credentials that will enhance your performance at work and accelerate your movement up the growth curve. The focus is on your Up-Skilling / Re-Skilling professionals, through Education (Learn), Experience (Do) and Expertise (Act).

Digital Marketing

The only skill to survive on social media is “Relevance”. The themes have to be great at engaging with customers and your digital audience, and know exactly what the individual / company wants to say, and how it wants to say it. The digital marketing function fits into the big picture and combines the goals and metrics set.

About Us

A boutique consultancy, involved in providing services in Communications & Marketing Services, we help identify your requirement and recommend the use of cost effective resources and apt promotional tool for achieving the goals. The tool combination varies, depending upon the target market, message, and purpose of the campaign. ​

We offer a special approach through OUR 7C Approach -- Content Creative Connect Collaterals Coaching Campaign Conversations.


Our Goals

Our Vision

Help clients sharpen their message that is adaptable across communication Mediums and focus on 'result oriented approach’ providing value addition through apt solutions based on their needs, for enhancing marketing.

Our Philosophy

With adaptability and collaboration as the core, help clients realize the full potential of the communications and marketing techniques combined with the power of messaging, articulated creatively to drive result

Our Mission

Provide inputs on bettering the Communications to foster engagement, with an emphasis on the communication tools from a strategic perspective that value adds to a company’s marketing promotions program that inspires audiences to act.

Our Approach

We follows Content Plus…7C Approach

Engage with us to explore the effectiveness of 7C’s approach in your 'Communications & Marketing’ program to boost your Brand’s performance through a better Positioning, Packaging, Promotions and Persuasion methods.

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Our Testimonials

“Sudarshan Srinivasan with his team brought in great insights and leveraged the right resources in delivering great results for our company - Minesweeper Media, for our thought leadership initiatives targeting CXO audience. I am appreciative of the passion that the team brings in in executing their duties. As a practitioner, Sudarshan is also a great guide of marketing communication. and is a great human being with repository of wisdom. He brings in high integrity and intellect with finesse to his craft like a Ferrari engineer. ”​
Sudaarshan R
Value Investor and Media Maven

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