From IDEA to eyeDEAs

When you say Idea what comes to mind immediately are obvious things like Bulbs that Glow, but when I say eyeDEAS these are ideas with a vision.

Eyedeas acutally took me to the wikipedia page of Micheal David Larsen (November 9, 1981 – October 16, 2010), better known by his stage name Eyedea, was an American musician, rapper and poet. He was a freestyle battle champion and songwriter from Saint Paul, Minnesota. the concept of eyeDEAs is different, so read on. Ideas for a normal person is like a normal thing, where anyone can have ideas, but when you are mature and have good understanding of your field, you come up with something different — that is sustainable, memorable and becomes a benchmark – eyeDEA.

Earlier Kings had Intelligent Ministers — the eyeDEAS people. Later this shifted to scientist for invention became eyeDEAS — Steam Engine, Phone, Radio, Electricity, Bulb, flying With these as given, gadgets to use the above became eyeDEAS, they are actually IDEAS — Improvements to Inventions — called INNOVATIONS. All these ideas had Engineering at its base. With the advent of Information Age, Engineering became a more support function — more like Logistics to fulfill the idea.

What’s lacking in Indians is that penchant for setting up greenfield venture is ingrained into most of them, as they revel in re-inventing the wheel. Starting with something as simple as buying a house, one tends to buy a new one rather than look for a old house and rebuild on it

A quikc look at history will illustrate that, we love to talk about kings who lost to British as display of bravery, valour and so on, but kings who lost to other Indian kings as weak, cowardly and our focus is on the negatives. It is the same with Business, we prefer to sell to a foreigner… we are built as people with a defence system.

If we start and grow a businessm, the idea is it has to be Swadeshi. We love to limit our vision of being MNCs and taking over companies from other countries. We love to grow the idea, but not transform it to an eyeDEA!

As businessmen, we run an enterprise, but are not enterprising enough, so we only maintain the enterprise and get happy with increase turnover and growth or profits as a business success barometer. That is our idea, for having eyeDEA…

Get your vision checked, Are you short sighted or Long sighted or do you need a cataract. Better to have an eyeDEA and make a difference, rather than have ideas and just exist!

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