Getting that mouth watering feeling! Thinking of your favorite flavor.  Planning to head straight and grab one.  I share your feeling. The term Ice-cream is so generic, but you have so many flavors that serve as a mood lifter for diverse set of audiences. Ditto with message — you communicate it, but the recipient extracts their flavor and acts accordingly.  This was true earlier with Print and Electronic, and now with social media and plethora of other opportunities, one looks at three levels of desired result of the message —
1) Awareness,
2) Accentuation
3) Action.  
One can further simplify this to segment this into
(WHAT)     Message — What is it that you want to convey?
(TO WHO) Manage (Stakeholder) — Employee; Supplier; Investor; Stakeholder; Opinion leader; Dealer; Community; Government / Regulator; Media / General Public
(WHERE)   Medium — 1. Print Electronic Internet Social Digital Other
(HOW)        Means (tools) — Written, Face to Face, Social Media, Print Media, 
The WHEN & WHY is obviously left to your judgment and depends on the situation.  
So some amount of paperwork before you think of your next ice-cream, sorry Message — carefully crafted, properly customized for the Media and Means, can help you satisfy (Manage)your various stakeholders.  
Clutter they say is a cliched term, so are the ice cream flavors and Messages CLUTTERED!  So go get the Right flavor.

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