Is your Brand a logo, color, tagline and consistency? Was it created just as an expression of English that you were fascinated by eg., to adopt a tagline like say “Better than the Best” to signify your positioning because you LIKE the English.  The challenge is, Can you LIVE this?.  In short, we examine the FITNESS of your BRAND.  Can you Walk the Talk, instead of Talking the Walk and Force-Fitting this across the various stages of branding that you may want to call holistic (Normal approach — illustrated on the Left hand side).
This would mean that having established this as a broad POSITIONING, we want this to spill over to our STRATEGY, and thus to our PRODUCTS. That becomes the overall BRAND EXPRESSION, wherein an Agency is briefed on the basis of the TAGLINE.  
Having achieved that, one then builds this at BRAND HANDLE that comprises: PRINCIPLE, PERSONALITY and ASSOCIATION, which again is formed because of the baggage of a TAGLINE.  You force-fit an ambassador, who you think personifies your POSITIONING. 
This spills over to the ORGANIZATION PIVOTS of MISSION, VALUES AND STORY, that forms the CORE.  You loved the Slogan, but force fitted this across important aspects of your organization.
Now just reverse the situation, and check whether the TAGLINE you liked resonates with your MISSION, VALUES AND STORY.  If it does, then you have got the right PIVOT to leverage this to gain the right grip on your HANDLE, and that effectively translates into a better EXPRESSION.  
Holistic Approach where your brand resonates across platforms.  `Better that the Best’ — Now you are trying to LIVE this rather than just LIKE this!  
YOUR BRAND FITNESS FOR LIFE! Agile, Flexible, Adaptable.

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